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OFS Optics Case Study

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Plagued by high costs during a market downturn, OFS Optics sees the light and cuts spending with Mitel’s VoIP system

OFS Optics

Exploring VoIP technology

When the IT team proposed VoIP as a costcutting measure, OFS’s executive management was hesitant about the technology, but it decided the potential return on investment was too good to ignore.

VoIP system that would save money

“We figured in the long run we could save a significant amount of money,” says Richard Bayersdorfer, global chief information officer and director at OFS. After doing its homework on the technology, the IT team forecasted that within one year a VoIP system could return the company’s monthly telecom costs.

With costs savings paramount on the list of priorities, OFS began reviewing VoIP companies in earnest. OFS investigated Avaya, Nortel, and others, but Bayersdorfer described many products in the field as being nothing more than lipstick on a pig.

“We looked at lots of VoIP options,” he says. “Many were depending on old technology and architecture that initially looked sexy, but once we looked under the hood, it was anything but.” Once due diligence was complete, OFS selected the Mitel VoIP system. The cost savings definitely played into the decision, but Bayersdorfer points out that other factors helped seal the deal.

Mitel’s flexibility and scalability pave the way for growth

“Mitel’s flexible, hybrid, scalable solution was a good opportunity for us. As we grow and open new offices, we want a straightforward way to add new users and change their locations. We needed a system that we could maintain and support easily.

And we want to some day take advantage of our data lines. We plan to implement teleconferencing across all our locations,” explains Bayersdorfer. At this juncture, OFS has rolled out Mitel in its Georgia headquarters and in its Massachusetts office. Mitel has been supporting 300-plus users.

Implementing the Mitel technology was very simple, notes Bayersdorfer, for the user community and the IT team. “Our tech folks picked up the new technology quickly and were able to deploy it in about 30 days without the help of a systems integrator or VAR. For the users, we had three training sessions and reviewed all the different features,” says Bayersdorfer.

The true test for Mitel came in the days after implementation. The support team stood at the ready for an increase in calls, but Bayersdorfer says incoming tech support calls didn’t receive a visible spike.

“From an administration perspective, the Mitel phone system is much easier to maintain and support,” says Bayersdorfer. “Adding, changing, and deleting users is easier, and we have much better visibility into overall history. Mitel Communicator gives us a lot of flexibility.”

Future plans include rolling out Mitel worldwide

OFS’s next steps for Mitel are extending the VoIP system across all its locations, four in the United States and three international offices. “We want to maintain and administer the system locally but push it out to all our locations remotely.

We are also considering rolling out VoIP to our Germany office now that Mitel has an international office, and we want to pilot the Mitel conferencing features. We hope to achieve similar ROI in our other locations,” says Bayersdorfer.


Richard Bayersdorfer,
Global Chief Information Officer and Director
OFS Optics


The optical fiber manufacturer needed to decrease its operational spending throughout the organization. With VoIP, OFS saw a real possibility of slashing the $40,000 leasing fees it was paying for a Centrex system.


Mitel provided a cost-effective VoIP system that supported 300+ users.


  • Significant cost savings
  • Ease of maintenance and support
  • Ability to add conferencing
  • Flexibility of Mitel Communicator

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